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Keetmanshoop is the main traffic junction and commercial hub of Southern Namibia. Amongst the best known tourist attractions in the area is the Quiver Tree Forest, located less than 15 km north-east of Keetmanshoop on the farm Gariganus. Other attractions in and around Keetmanshoop include the Giants Playground, Megasaurus Camp and the Keetmanshoop Museum. The town also serves as the gateway to the world renowned Fish River Canyon and Ai-Ais Hot Springs, offering a world standard airport as well as accommodation and car rental agencies to cater for the needs of its visitors. Quiver Tree Forest One of the main locations of the quiver tree forest is on the farm Gariganus. The site has been declared a National Monument. The quiver tree is indigenous to the hot and dry southern part of Namibia. The plants are succulents and can reach a height of up to 9 metres. They have adapted to the extreme environment conditions by storing water in their trunks. The tree only blossoms for the first time after 20 to 30 years and can reach 300 years of age. The wood is very light and spongy inside. Keetmanshoop Museum The Museum is located in the old Mission Church, now owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Rrepublic of Namibia. It is managed by the Keetmanshoop Municipality and displays exhibits of the natural history, historical documents of the town and the Nama culture. The museum is open on weekdays from 07h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 16h30. Megasaurus Camp The camp is located on a privately owned farm and they run tours around the farm where visitors get a chance to thousands of Quiver Trees and amazing rock pile. The main attraction, however, are the fossils of lizard fish estimated to be around 280 million years old.