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Cllr.Kröhne – Mayor:   Dear Residents of Keetmanshoop, thank you very much for the trust that you have exhibited in elected me and my fellow councilors to the Keetmanshoop Municipal Council. Personally, my main aim for my five year in office,    above all else, is to do away with informal settlements and make sure that that every resident of Keetmanshoop have access to affordable housing and affordable services.  I believe that this is possible if we can attract enough investors to the town that will create employment opportunities and will enable the improvement of our road network and infrastructure. I implore you to please do your part and pay for services rendered as this is the only way that the council will be able to fulfill its promises.
Cllr Shatipamba:   T he Keetmanshoop Municipal councilors were voted into power by the residents of Keetmanshoop to engage with the community, to register their grievances and sort it out with the necessary speed. I will make sure that service delivery is regarded as top priority at the Keetmanshoop council
Cllr Louw:  I believe that Keetmanshoop can become an industrial hub in Namibia as well as a preferred tourist destination – and that the newly elected council can create an enabling environment for businesses to invest in the town.  It is evident that council will have to speed up land delivery and improve service delivery but I am confident that the town is up to the challenge.
Cllr Esterhuyse:  I believe that it is vitally important that effective and efficient communication channels be put in place in order to keep the residents of Keetmanshoop informed of all that is happening on council level. Development is the main point on the agenda for the council for the next five years, and input from the community will be appreciated
Cllr Pieter:  I’m convinced that the new council is a very good team that started off positively and we’re looking forward to fostering a closer relationship between the residents and the council. My greatest desire is to create a spirit of transparency and trust as well as two-way communication in order to make Keetmanshoop the prosperous, and vibrant town that it can be.
Cllr Jash: The council was elected into office by the community and should thus serve the community or leave. I want to compliment the Mayor on her strategy of development and I’m confident that this council will achieve all its goals for the next five years because we have the best interest of the community at heart.
Cllr Freyer: I would love to see greater cooperation with the ||Kharas Regional Council and Central Government in developmental projects. One of the critical issues that need to be discussed, is the delamination of the Krönlein neighborhood from the Keetmanshoop Rural constituency. It is a fact that the community of Krönlein feel that they are left out of the developmental agenda as a result of their inclusion in the rural constituency. I will do everything in my power to address this issue as well as make sure of the overall wellbeing of every resident of Keetmanshoop.