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This department deals with developing, implementing and maintaining technical services (e.g. water distribution, waste water etc.) and approves

plans of all development; ensuring that they conform to the specification set by the municipality. This department is headed by the senior manager

that reports to the CEO.


Senior manager: Mr Samuel Nashima

He plans and directs the efficient technical development and construction of municipal public works, projects and goals. He provides professional

engineering advice and assistance is given to other department’s heads in connection with the planning or execution of public works and all

programs. He also performs engineering duties in planning, designing and oversees maintenance of buildings and facilities.

2.  Technical Services manager: Vacant

The technical services manager is responsible to provide managerial and administration functions of the dept including operational and capital

improvement budgets.

This position plans, organizes and performs professional engineering work in the inspection, design, construction & improvements of public work

projects and facilities. The technical services manager report to the senior manager and has Town Planning Officer, Chief Emergency Officer,

Building Inspector, Chief Traffic Officer and the following foremen as subordinates:

Roads and storm water

Parks and cemeteries

Water and sewerage

3.  Town Planning Officer: Ms. B. Motinga

The town planning officer is responsible for providing efficient and effective administrative support to the municipality, its departments, the public

and other relevant stakeholders in the control and management of the urban environment by technical compilations or design of new townships. It

has property officer as a subordinate and reports to the technical services manager.

4.  Chief Emergency Officer: Mr. G. Joseph

He is responsible to direct, plan and manage all firefighting, fire prevention and emergency services of the town. He is responsible, though study

and consultation with town officials for developing recommendations for the protection of life and property in town. He has the fireman as a

subordinate and reports to the technical services manager.

5.  Building Inspector: Mr. N. Swartz

He ensures safe and up to specification buildings while simultaneously creating a positive business climate within the town. He performs technical

inspection on a daily basis in the enforcement of building codes, ordinance and the issuance of permits within the  municipality. He has no

subordinates and report to the technical services manager.

6.  Chief Traffic Officer: Ms. M. Cloete

These are law enforcement agency that ensures safety of traffic movements and obedience of traffic signs on a daily basis. She inspects all road

markings to ensure they conform to the standards. In collaboration with Namibia Traffic Information System (NaTIS) the road inspector also helps

in the issuing of drivers licenses. She reports to the technical services manager

7.  Road, building and Storm Water Foreman: Vacant

He is responsible for the supervision of work done by skilled and semi-skilled workers. He engages in major construction, maintenance and repair

functions of roads, pavements and storm water collection systems.  He has the team leader of roads and storm water and roads operator as

subordinates and reports to the technical services manager.

8.  Parks and Cemetery Foreman: Mr. W. Steenkamp

He is mandated to maintain cemetery, parks, gardens and all municipal buildings. He ensures that parks, gardens, sport grounds and swimming

pool are aesthetically appealing. He has swimming pool administrator and sports field, cemeteries and gardens team leader as subordinates.

9.  Water and Sewerage Foreman: Mr. A. Benade

He is responsible to operate, inspect and maintain the town’s water and sewerage systems and related activities. He reports to the technical

services manager and has water and sewerage artisan as a subordinate.

10. Water and Sewerage Team Leader & Core Members

The team leaders are the personnel on the ground who, alongside their core members are doing the actual work.

On a daily basis this teams are well equipped to swiftly tackle water and sewerage problems such as pipe bursts, leakages and maintenance of

water structures. They ensure that sewer blockages are attended to as soon as possible, before causing any harm to the people and the